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DH takes renewable energy very seriously. Today’s ever growing demand requires energy, and the sources around us are more than one can ever imagine. Energy derived from renewables is a sector that we pride to say is backed up by academics, innovators, professionals, and entrepreneurs from a variety of industry backgrounds that have congregated to develop not just one solution but multiple solutions that can work together treating sources such as waste, solar, wind and converting it into energy. 


Same goes for recovery systems that in today’s age, the industry makes every effort possible to recover back used elements. Fuels can be recovered from oil pits and instead of costing a fortune to dispose off, fuel can be recovered to provide a source of power. 

Potable water can be recovered from sewage water through extraction and filtration systems that have not been seen anywhere before and all of this in industrial volumes.


Waste to Energy

Solar power has become a necessity other than a commodity which many countries can obviously benefit more than others. Africa has a particular reception of sun power that applying the latest technologies in solar power provided by our partners can result in an abundance of self generated electricity. Our partners in the industry are leaders in design, technology and production of solar panels in the BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) , Solar Farms,  OFF GRID powering units and mounting systems, whilst also specializing in the fabrication and installation of onshore and offshore Wind farms.

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